Lubricating oils

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In addition to marine gas oil and diesel for pleasure boats, vi supply lubricating oils from  ShellMobilOKQ8,  Fuchs, and Texaco, as well as marine and regular cleaning products. We carry a wide selection of lubrication oils, coolants and cleaning products in stock, and can order non-stock items from day to day.

Read more about the individual products including technical data sheets and material safety data sheets by clicking on the links below. (Note that some may be in Danish)

See material safety data sheets for products from Mobil, Rhenus, and OK.

If you need more information about technical product data, please contact us directly.

S-1 Extra All-Round cleaning agent – Heavy duty cleaning agent for all-round use in the food industry and other industries. (See material safety data sheet), (See technical data sheet)

Rust Solvent – Outdoor surfaces are often blemished by stripes of surface rust. This rarely poses any corrosion danger for the main material, but the unsightly rust gives an impression of poor maintenance. (See material safety data sheet), (See technical data sheet)

S-2 EXTRA, Heavy duty cleaning agent, especially developed for the food processing industry – Degreaser for industrial and household use. (See material safety data sheet), (See technical data sheet)

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