About us

About Hirtshals Marineolie and Hirtshals Fiskernes Handelssselskab “Hirtshals Fiskernes Handelssselskab A.m.b.a” has sold marine diesel, lubricating oils and cleaning products at competitive prices in Hirtshals port for over 25 years.

We are a cooperative trading company which began as a wholesale society in 1986. From 1992 the company was a co-op with Shell as the main supplier, and in 2008 Shell sold the port depot to the limited company Hirtshals Fiskerne ApS (the fishermen of Hirtshals), which has continued operation under the trade name Hirtshals Marineolie.

Trading in oil products etc. continues through Hirtshals Fiskernes Handelsselskab A.m.b.a. while administrative services and operational activities are handled by Hirtshals Marineolie ApS. The company is centrally located in Hirtshals port to offer MGO supplies from its private fuel station, via self-service, ex-pipe bunkering from two bunker stations, from the 40 cubic metre barge “Strombus”, and from tanker trucks.

Hirtshals Marineolie ApS is owned equally by Hirtshals Fiskernes Handelsselskab A.m.b.a. and Hirtshals Fiskeriforening (Hirtshals Fisheries Association) for the purpose of maintaining competitive prices and service levels for oil products in Hirtshals port. The company is rooted locally through Hirtshals Fiskernes Handelsselskab A.m.b.a., vessel owners, and the members of Hirtshals Fiskeriforening.

If you have any questions about the company or our products, please contact us.