Yachts and Leisure Craft

Yachts and leisure craft

Hirtshals Marineolie offers diesel for pleasure craft and leisure boats in the form of b0 transportation diesel with no colouring or bio additives.

As the fuel has no bio additives, the risk of microbial contamination (diesel bug) is reduced, but this does not guarantee that it cannot occur under certain conditions.

The fuel station on Pier II is clearly visible from the water and is available 24h for self-service with payment by international credit card or Dankort.

We stock a wide selection of lubrication products from Shell, Mobile, Rhenus, OK, Q8, and Fuchs.

If you require assistance with fuelling or selecting lubricating oils, you are always welcome to visit or call us.

We look forward to servicing your needs at Hirtshals Marineolie